After being leaked online a mere two days before its release, Major Lazer’s latest dancehall-flavored single “Cold Water” with an all-starrer consisting of Justin Bieber, MØ and Ed Sheeran, has the certain potential to be the next “Lean On”.

If you remember, Major Lazer and MØ hooked up last year for a smash hit of their own, “Lean On”, a super-hit, which climbed to highs on every recognised electronic dance chart globally, along with close to 1.5 billion views on YouTube !! In fact, it was the fastest EDM track to break 1 billion views. Add Justin Bieber into the previous team of artists, and you have a serious Song for the Summer candidate.

Whether or not, the track will surpass the heady success of “Lean On”, only time will tell. But if Justin Bieber is on your track, expect crazy promotional techniques, which along with his multiples of social media followers will push the song to more and more listeners. While “Cold Water” has been co-written by Ed Sheeran and Benny Blanco — the lyrics appear to reflect on Bieber’s past mistakes and turning his life around.

“Everybody gets high sometimes ya know / Cause we all get lost sometimes you know / It’s how we learn and grow,” Bieber sings along to the up-tempo synth-driven instrumental.

Speaking on the track, Diplo says “I had been trying to link with Benny Blanco and Ed Sheeran for years to find the right song we could all work on together and the moment I heard this one, I knew that it was the one. The timing was perfect and when we approached Justin, he was also in love with the song we all had written. I thought it would be interesting to incorporate another vocal and seeing she’s family, I reached out to MØ and we decided to try our best to make something fresh and interesting as Major Lazer.”

Check out the official “Cold Water” lyric video below –