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Making His Mark At The Top: A Talk With The Fast-Rising “Can’t Let U Go” DJ Andrew Marks

This past October, producer and DJ stopped by at theROOF on theWit during Nexus Lounge Virtual. He talks about his recent projects, his inspiration for writing, and takes part in our Take-5 series!
Andrew is a DJ and producer from Brooklyn, New York. He performs throughout the city, combining electro, pop, and hip-hop into an immersive dance experience. His distinct voice, playing style, and poetic lyrics create a fascinating and intimate performance that has gained him a growing audience. Undoubtedly, the music industry recognized him as a rising power. Hence, his productions have received support from artists like Tritonal, Brooks, Lucas & Steve, KSHMR, Two Friends, and Kaskade, to mention a few.
Andrew’s 2021 collaboration with Feenixpawl and Derrick Ryan, “All I Need,” was a BPM Breaker and charted in the BPM 20 on Sirius XM’s SXM Electro. “It did well and was in Sirius XM’s top 20 on BPM SXM. Very nice. So that was a great hit for the summer. I loved it.” Just weeks ago, Triple M and released a song called “Can’t Let U Go” through Hexagons Records. The track has a fast tempo and a lot of energy, making it the perfect workout or mood-changer song.

Andrew's distinct blend of future house and future bounce has earned him spots on Spotify Editorial Playlists including 'Friday Cratediggers," "Shuffle Syndrome," "Power Hour," and more. He also produces original music, custom mixes, and edits for clients in the US, from corporations, to high-profile choreographers, to professional and collegiate cheer-leading squads. So it's no surprise that he earned nominations for "Remixer of the Year" and " of the Year" for the renowned Remix Awards, held each year at Music Week hosted by iHeart Radio.

Although the pandemic may have made the writing process challenging for Andrew, he always sought to see past the barriers. “I think that some aspects of the writing process have been hard just because you don’t have the inspiration from as many live events as we used to go to or see your industry, your peers, your colleagues in person. And I think now we’ve all had time to get used to it and understand how our writing processes have changed. And how we have found a way to still have a voice in this industry, in music.”
The easygoing artist imparts more wisdom by responding to whether he compares himself to others. “I try not to compare myself as much as possible because everybody has a different path and journey in music, and everybody’s timetable looks different. Not everybody’s going to have the same experience. So try to find ways to allow yourself grace, to have a clear mind to write music. I think that’s probably one of the most important things.”
To learn more about Andrew Marks, including his thoughts on that people should experience at least once in their lives, listen to our full below:

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