ManyFew: Two Brothers Who Bring The Groove

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ManyFew joined us for a chat at the BPM popup studio at the Nexus Lounge Amsterdam.

Composed of two brothers – Carl Jacob Andersson and David Victor Andersson – Many Few are a feel-good Swedish duo dedicated to bringing uplifting house and disco to the dance floor. Their tracks are played worldwide, and as ADE veterans, they bring their groove, old-school disco, and funk influences to the masses.
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Only a few weeks ago, ManyFew released a track with Joe Stone called Feel Good, which has received significant positive feedback. In our interview, we discuss post-pandemic networking, teamwork, and some answers to our Take-5 questions.

The COVID-19 pandemic struck a devastating blow on all facets of every country’s economy, with the music industry taking a hefty hit worldwide. For Jacob, one of the most important aspects of the ADE was to reconnect with fellow professionals. “I’m into networking again after the pandemic”, he says. “That’s essential for us. I mean, as producers we work a lot… but at the same time it’s always nice to meet in real life, shake those hands, and to do this networking is essential.”
Their attitude towards working together to create their infectious beats is inspirational, coming from two brothers who are self-described as “best friends by choice.” “It’s actually a pretty good workflow we have… I think it’s important to have different roles instead of [it] being a competition… it’s not so good in the long term, so it’s better to have different working roles”, Jacob says.
Jacob also had some inspiring thoughts on whether music saves lives:

“100%, and I think that’s also our mantra when we are doing music. I mean, it’s all about [making] people want to dance and have a good time, and that’s also something we are super grateful for. When fans are reaching out to us, and they are appreciating, they are becoming happy and when they are listening to our songs, even [if] they have had a hard time. That’s something we really appreciate when receiving those [comments] and that makes us very inspired to continue making new records.”

The duo also had some interesting responses to our other Take-5 questions. To describe electronic music to someone for the first time, Victor opted to describe it as “a dance music, but it’s made on the laptop or a computer. A guitar does not originally play it”.
They also believe that dogs would be the most admirable species if animals could talk, and curiously would choose to bring their laptop to survive a zombie apocalypse.

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