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ManyFew : Sweden’s Cold Weather Breeds Talent

ManyFew joined us at the Nexus Radio red-carpet event presented by Big Joe® and BPM Supreme®.

Swedish siblings Jacob and Andersson make up the production duo known as . The pair recently celebrated their hit single with Otto Orlandi and Melanie Fontana called “Don’t Miss You.

We asked the Stockholm-based brothers what it’s like having to constantly work and travel together:

“We’ve been producing music [for] so many years. In the beginning it was kind of hard, I mean we had some periods where…. but we’re really close to each other and we know each other so well and that’s a good thing I think. I think [we are] like twins.”


With so much amazing talent like ABBA, Ace of Base and coming out of Sweden- we wanted to get their thoughts on why Sweden has such a great of putting out talent:

“probably the weather, it’s really cold- so you stay inside [and] produce music, and of course everyone [pushes] each other to the next level. Like you said, Ace of Base and all the guys that I’ve met have done a really great job. Abba was the force [that] made it on the level. So, of course they inspired a lot of our younger producers.”


Regarding , ManyFew have a new track that is out now called “How Would You Know.”

To learn more about ManyFew, listen to the full audio below↓

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