ManyFew : Sweden’s Cold Weather Breeds Talent

ManyFew joined us at the Nexus Radio red-carpet event presented by Big Joe® and BPM Supreme®.

Swedish siblings Jacob and Andersson make up the production duo known as ManyFew. The pair recently celebrated their hit single with Otto Orlandi and Melanie Fontana called “Don’t Miss You.

We asked the Stockholm-based brothers what it’s like having to constantly work and travel together:

“We’ve been producing music [for] so many years. In the beginning it was kind of hard, I mean we had some periods where…. but we’re really close to each other and we know each other so well and that’s a good thing I think. I think [we are] like twins.”

With so much amazing talent like ABBA, Ace of Base and Robyn coming out of Sweden- we wanted to get their thoughts on why Sweden has such a great history of putting out talent:

“probably the weather, it’s really cold- so you stay inside [and] produce music, and of course everyone [pushes] each other to the next level. Like you said, Ace of Base and all the guys that I’ve met have done a really great job. Abba was the force [that] made it on the top level. So, of course they inspired a lot of our younger producers.”

Regarding new music, ManyFew have a new track that is out now called “How Would You Know.”

To learn more about ManyFew, listen to the full audio interview below↓

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