ManyFew: Take us back to the 80’s

Brothers Jacob Andersson and Victor Andersson make up the DJ and production duo known as the ManyFew. The Swedish producers dropped in at the Nexus lounge Amsterdam during ADE to discuss a range of topics. The “My House” song producers discuss how the track came together.

“We received the vocals from a record company in Sweden because we know the guys and we really felt [the] amazing lyrics. And from the beginning we felt it was a little bit sad, but we wanted to make it more uplifting. So, we started to combine an uplifting beat with an uplifting melody together with a sad lyric and the result was “My House,” we really love it.”

Although this was the sibling’s third time attending ADE, this particular year was more serious than the previous.

“We’ve been here two or three years before, but then it was like our warm-up because this year it’s [gotten] very serious; meetings, networking and interviews including some live interviews, and magazines. It’s so exciting to be here.”

One thing that drew excitement from the two brothers, was invoking their memories of their uncle’s Technics turntables.

“We remember our uncle had two Technics, and we always played around with them when we were visiting him. So we love the old ones as well, but we are definitely excited about the new technology. I mean those are the best ones. I love Technics, and their headphones are amazing too. Actually we have one pair when we’re mixing and mastering too, so we are using different brands just to translate mixes.”

Listen along as the EDM sibling duo answer our most ridiculous “Take 5″ questions, including what their favorite era would be.

The 1980s, especially if we’re talking about the music. We love those solid synthesizers …and also the sounds and the movies of course, but also the vocalist Whitney Houston and all the soul divas.

Our exclusive interview with the Swedish Duo ManyFew!

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