ManyFew talks ADE, BANG! EP and New Record Label

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We caught up with Sweden’s ManyFew at the Lee Jeans pop-up at the Nexus Lounge Amsterdam. The duo chatted with us about their recent projects and the launch of their new record label, ManyFew Records, and they played a quick game of Nexus Take 5.

Hailing from Stockholm, the spirited duo ManyFew is on a global mission to spread infectious, dance-ready vibes. Brothers by blood and friends by choice, their unique musical blend seamlessly fuses modern club culture with nostalgic flavors. Since 2017, they’ve charted releases on labels like Musical Freedom and Spinnin’ Records, catching the attention of industry heavyweights.


ManyFew’s notable hits include tracks like “Makin’ Love” on Perfect Havoc and “Off My Mind Ft. Voost” on Spinnin’ Records, as well as “Dancing In The Dark” with Breathe Carolina. Their most recent release, “Love You (One More Chance),” samples the Jackson 5’s “Got You Back” in a breezy, summer-ready dance track that’s true to their style.

There’s lots to catch up on with ManyFew. It’s not their first ADE—far from it. The pair have regularly visited Amsterdam for the event, using the week to network and reconnect with new and old collaborators.

It’s been a busy year for ManyFew, who released an excellent collection of singles in 2023 and their BANG! EP through their new label, ManyFew Records. Apart from releases, they’ve also been busy sharing their music with audiences worldwide, with a tour coming up in the United States later this year and in early 2024. It’s an exciting venture for these artists who found their footing during the pandemic and continue to share their music digitally through projects like their Electronic Heaven podcast.

Before they headed out, we asked ManyFew to play a quick game of Nexus Take 5. They tell us about a few concert mishaps, share their favorite weird food combination, and choose a period for which they’d travel back in time.

To hear more about ManyFew’s projects and their experience at ADE, check out the full-length and exclusive interview below.

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