Marco Bailey Feels Better Than the Miami Weather!

Iconic techno DJ and producer Marco Bailey is celebrating 30 years in the world of dance music. He returned to play Ultra in Miami this year and he spoke with Nexus Radio about how the festival has changed.

Aside from the location, looking back at the music, “the underground was a bit bigger (in the early 2000s), then it went a little bit down, and now it’s coming back again.”  Marco is obviously happy about that.

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While tech house is big in the US, Marco Bailey explains why the European scene is quite different.  In the U.S. there is Coachella, Ultra, and Movement- but “in Holland, there are every week four or five festivals, it’s unbelievable.”   Marco’s label Materia is pure techno music, and they host events around the world – London, Belgium, Colombia, Argentina, Spain, France.

With his music and busy life, Marco takes time for himself.  To escape the craziness of opening eMails, he relaxes by taking a sauna or just laughing at his cat Zooey, who “screws the whole room up” every time he comes home.

This is Take5 with Marco Bailey!

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