Mariana BO: Techno Can Take You To Another World – A Nexus Radio ADE Exclusive Interview

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If you’re a regular here at Nexus Radio, then you’ll know that this year’s Amsterdam Dance Event was jam-packed with amazing artists and that we took the chance to speak to as many of those artists as possible. Today we’re bringing you the highlights of a talk we had with Mexican DJ, Producer, Violinist, and all-around badass Mariana BO about everything from music, to mental health.

The first thing you have to know about Mariana BO is that she’s a self-described “classical girl”, and it shows. From her outstanding 2022 single “Vivaldi” to more traditional club tracks like “Drop It” or “Light Up”, her use of the violin, as well as a more classical approach to music in general, has been a running theme that’s defined her work.

Mariana BO
By fusing her knowledge of classical music with modern, beat-driven dance tracks, she’s created her own original and unmistakable sound. With this in mind, it’s unsurprising that when we asked her for any tips about producing music, she had only two words: “be original”.
It’s a simple mantra but worthwhile if her career is anything to go by. From Tomorrowland to her fifth ADE, she’s become a staple of the festival circuit over the last few years, and her unique approach has, no doubt, inspired many other musicians. As if that wasn’t enough, she says she’ll be touring Asia over the course of next year and possibly even returning to Europe for a few dates.
That’s a lot to manage, and staying on top of a career like that requires some world-class stress management. So we asked her how she contains her mental health, and her answers were both simple and sensible.

“I think meditation is all you need… What I do is play my violin on my own, alone in my room. It’s a kind of meditation for me. Just ten minutes a day, and that’s everything.”

Finally, to round things off, we asked her to describe her perspective on EDM to someone who’s never experienced it before.

“It’s a dark world,” says Mariana, “which is perfect for me because I’m a little dark and you’re going to love it… Techno can take you to another world.”

If you’d like to learn more about Mariana BO, then be sure to check out the full Nexus Radio Exclusive Interview. For more information about Mariana’s music, including updates about her latest releases and tour dates, you can check out her social media.

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