Markus Schulz at Miami Music Week – A Nexus Radio Interview

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We sat down with industry icon Markus Schulz at the BPM Surpeme pop-up studio during the Nexus Radio Lounge Miami to talk about Miami Music Week

At this year’s Miami Music Week, we sat down with industry icon Markus Schulz at the Nexus Radio Lounge Miami, presented by BPM Supreme.

Markus Schultz
Markus Schulz has been active in the industry for over thirty years. In that time, he’s put out singles, albums, and remixes under three different names, alongside hosting the popular Global DJ Broadcast radio show. It should, therefore, be no surprise to anyone that this is far from his first Miami Music Week.

Now artists come to Miami for lots of things besides music. Some love the atmosphere, others love getting to meet face to face with most of the industry, but Schulz says he has one priority, outside of shows, when he comes to Miami, and that’s sleep.

“You know I live here in Miami,” says Schulz, “so as far as all the parties and everything, […] it’s like we’ve been partying for the last year and a half.”

That being said, Schulz also stresses the importance of reconnecting with people, both in and outside of the industry:

"It's quite funny because you start talking with people, and you pick up the conversation you left off two years ago. So, on the one hand, so much time has transpired, but on the other hand, it feels like just yesterday, you know?"

One thing that’s so remarkable to listeners of Schulz’s music is how he manages to keep his sound so fresh. When asked how he prepares for his sets, he stressed the need to play something people don’t feel they’ve heard before. Whether he’s playing his stuff or working with someone else’s music, Schulz looks to reconstruct the song to create something new and different.

Now, if there’s anyone who knows how to make a hit record, it’s Markus Schulz, and he had some valuable advice for up-and-coming, would-be artists.

A lot goes into making a hit record, but, according to Schulz, one of the critical skills is the ability to compromise. He even goes so far as to say it might be the distinguishing feature between a hit and a ‘worldwide’ hit.

He makes another important distinction between artists who have number one hits and artists who sell tickets. Some tracks, it would seem, work better on the dance floor.

A lot is coming down the pipeline for Markus Schulz. He says he’s looking at focusing on Euphoric Techno in his newer music and should be releasing five or six singles under his Dakota alias over this year. He also strongly hinted that this could be leading up toward an album project, but, as yet, he has no title in mind.

As with every artist we spoke to during Music Week, he’s delighted to be back to playing live gigs and seeing real people.

If you’d like to learn more about Markus Schulz and his current projects, please check out the full Exclusive Nexus Radio Interview.

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