Martin Garrix ‘Makes Fan’s Year’

Martin Garrix makes no bones of the love and respect he has for his fans. The reported incident shows the length to which the Dutch producer would go to appease his fans.

With the commencement of the Amsterdam Dance Festival (ADE), Martin Garrix has been busy unleashing a steady stream of releases. The producer has promised to drop a single everyday over seven days, and true to his promise, we have been to the following singles already – “WIEE”, “Hold On And Believe”, “Spotless”, and “Sun Is Never Going Down”. His fans could not ask for more !! But the DJ has stepped up to do more for his fans, in this incident, an Irish fan by name Chris McPhadden.

McPhadden had purchased tickets to watch Garrix performing at the ADE when it first came on sale, only to realise later he did not have the funds to purchase air fare to the major festival. He had decided to give away the tickets away for free, but thought of reaching out on Twitter for help.

“I bought the tickets to his show when they first went on sale because I was afraid they would sell out,” McPhadden says, “but I went to Sziget in Budapest in August, and traveled America in September, and the flights had went up 300 euros, and I couldn’t afford them anymore, so I chanced my luck with Martin – and well, luck of the Irish.” The fan’s plea on social media caught the attention of the “Animals” producer, who contacted the fan by Twitter direct message and offered to fly McPhadden from Dublin to Amsterdam and back home again.



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