Martin Jensen: It comes from the heart

Danish-DJ and music producer Martin Jensen dropped in for a brief interview at the Nexus Lounge Amsterdam during ADE. The “Solo Dance” song producer might be relatively new to U.S. Dance Radio, but he’s actually been in the DJ business for over 10 years.

We couldn’t help but become fond of Jensen’s wittiness and humor when Nexus Radio host Todd Michael’s asked the cheeky question if whether Jensen had enjoyed his time in Amsterdam’s “Red Light District,” or what some people call “the pleasure district.”

“Yes, I did. It was too much of all the other stuff the other day, so now it’s only Vitamin Water.”

Not one to shy away from cheeky remarks himself, Jensen boldly countered the claim that it was Todd’s “first Heineken” that day. He sarcastically responded:

“It looked like that was your first one because you nearly dropped it on the floor, but yeah.”

It wasn’t all jokes for Martin Jensen however. He shared some very deep and thought-provoking words when asked, “What is one mistake you know you will never make again?”

“I’m never doing any mistakes that I’m regretting because then you’re not choosing right at the moment, and if you’re doing something you were not supposed to do, then you’re always getting answers to something else. And that will always make something else positive.”

The guys couldn’t maintain a serious tone for very long however. Todd unassumingly pondered out loud if someone had given Martin Jensen the questions in advance, to which Martin quipped, “absolutely not, it just came from the heart.”

Martin Jensen informed us he was releasing new music all week long during ADE. He also told us to expect a lot of tracks with funny names like “Osaki,”“Valhalla,” and “Rio” to name a few, he wasn’t kidding about that.

To learn more about which cities Martin Jensen would like to visit next, and who he’d like to travel to outer space with. Listen to our full interview below!

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