Matt Nash Offers Insightful Perspective On Positive Mental Health

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Matt Nash joined us at the Nexus Lounge Amsterdam during the Amsterdam Dance Event. The dedicated British DJ began his electronic journey when he became immersed in London’s eclectic music scene aged 15. From there, he has gone from strength to strength and gradually expanded his influence from local London to worldwide. Nash’s music is warm, with an energetic and uplifting beat characteristic of his unique style, and he has filled dance floors in Creamfields and Ibiza.

He recently released a new album – Half Human – composed of twelve hard-hitting house hits. Other releases include Into The Light and Forever, which received significant positive praise. His single Belong was also played by the iconic trance DJ Tiesto at Tomorrowland in 2016, further emphasizing his mark in the electronic dance music scene.

Matt Nash

At this year’s ADE, we spoke to Matt Nash about his projects, his outlook on maintaining a positive mental health attitude, and more.

When asked about his latest or upcoming projects, Nash mentions that he has “been a little quiet on the music for a little bit.” “Had a busy summer doing a lot of shows,” he says. “Just getting back into the studio flow, trying to figure out where I want to go next with the sound.”

Maxine Penny – our interviewer – brought in our quickfire Take-5 questions to bring funny, random, or serious responses to the interview. In a heartfelt and calculated response, Nash wasted no time in providing an insight into keeping a positive mental health space:

“The main thing is getting perspective. So most of your problems, although they’ll feel very big in the moment, it’s nice to think ‘Oh, okay, will this matter in five minutes, five days, five years?’ And [that] then kind of gives you a little bit more perspective on it.”

Nash pursued a more comedic approach to getting in trouble at school. “I was just cracking jokes and wanting to be funny”, he says. “Just being a bit of a class clown, you know?... Parents didn’t like that one.”

He also had interesting thoughts on describing electronic music to someone who is deaf. “I think they’d also understand it because they can obviously feel that heavy bass; dance music has got a lot of bass”, he says. “So I think they would probably understand it more than other genres for sure. I think you’d have to show them a big dance track for them to get it.”
Listen to the full interview below:

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