Mattise & Sadko Talk New Single With Martin Garrix & Wrabel


Mattise & Sadko Talk New Single With Martin Garrix & Wrabel

St. Petersburg-based DJ and producer siblings Alexander and Yury make up the Dance Music act Matisse & Sadko. They’re best known for their collaboration with Martin Garrix “Dragon,” and their catchy original singles like “Together,””Mistaken,” and “Break through the Silence.”

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Winter is (not) Coming

Hailing from Russia, an area that’s known for its long and harsh winters, the siblings were definitely in another world in Miami. “You know in Russia, we have winter and sometimes spring as well” they joked.

Todd Michaels: Does it ever get warm?

Matisse & Sadko: It’s pretty cool there and sometimes we’ll have like 55 degrees…

Todd Michaels: Fahrenheit?

Matisse & Sadko: (No) Minus.

Todd Michaels: Oh! Minus, yikes! (Laughs)

Matisse & Sadko: Yeah! […] it’s pretty cold

Martin Garrix & Wrabel

Another thing that’s also pretty cool is their fifth upcoming collaboration with Martin Garrix. Matisse & Sadko also mentioned they have a new collaboration with one of our all-time favorite vocalists, the Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Wrabel.

Todd Michaels: So, what are you currently working on?

Matisse & Sadko: We’re working on new tracks and actually tomorrow we’re going to release our fifth collab with Martin Garrix.

Todd Michaels: Oh Great! Great, great, great.

Matisse & Sadko: Also, our next solo song will be released in April. It will be super nice song with a guy from L.A., his name is Wrabel. Also, we are going to launch a few new projects under different names for different genres.

To learn more about this dynamic duo including their favorite American food, their upcoming tour and more, listen to the full interview below!

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