Maurice West: There is something in the water in Breda,NL

Dutch music producer Maurice West dropped in for a brief interview at the Nexus Lounge Amsterdam during ADE. His remix collaboration with Hardwell for Cascada’s 2005 hit record “Everytime We Touch” has been making a lot of buzz in the dance music world. The two producers may have developed a working relationship because of it.

“I worked on a few tracks that sounded like Eurodance and then Robert Hardwell heard some of those. They were released or whatever, but he heard them and he was like ‘Hey, do you want to work on a remix of “Everytime we touch” for Ultra Miami? I didn’t know if it was going to be official or whatever. So I just made the setup for the remake in two hours and sent it back to him. He loved it (and) we just kept on working on it. It actually went pretty fast, it was finished in like two days or something.”

The two producers have stayed in contact since then, particularly when it comes to unofficial edits for their live sets.

I have been making edits for his sets that he’s asked me for specifically. For example, like the ‘Rhythm Of The Night‘ cover that I did, he asked me for the instrumental it. He then threw an acapella of his own single ‘This is love’ over it. So we have been going back and forth about tracks, about edits but not specifically to work on something new together.

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On the topic of Hardwell, we couldn’t resist asking West why he thinks so many producers come from Hardwell’s hometown of Breda, NL?

“It’s like there’s something in the water there apparently, and then some of that water flows to Amsterdam and that’s how that happens.” (laughs)

Maurice West also answers some of our ridiculous “Take 5” questions during our exclusive ADE interview. Take a listen!

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