Maurya Sevak Spends 16 Hours A Day Making Music

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16-year-old, Toronto-based DJ, Maurya Sevak joined us at the BPM Supreme pop-up studio at the Nexus Lounge Miami. He spoke to us about his experience at Miami Music Week as an underage participant and how he uses storytelling and the art of connection to create unique sets.

Maurya first began producing music at the tender age of 14, inspired by a set from music industry powerhouses Armin van Buuren and David Guetta. He used Garageband as a launching pad that ultimately landed him in Amsterdam to study music production more seriously. Now, he’s looking to break into the commercial music industry, spending a whopping 12-16 hours per day refining his craft. He is already cementing himself as one to watch on the EDM scene.
Maurya Sevak
Having already released two singles in 2022, most recently a track called X, Sevak is eagerly anticipating the drop of his next single, coming out on April 22. As he described it, it’s a very special cover of a song by the legendary artist Sting.
At Miami Music Week this year, the young DJ/producer is looking for opportunities to jump on and people to connect with. For him, this week is an opportunity in and of itself to scope out the atmosphere of the music scene he is beginning to break into. In between the fast-paced chaos of networking, he hopes to find time to lay out on the beaches of Miami simply.
He also spoke to us about his mindset when trying for a hit record, stating the importance of making music that people can connect with, a record that strikes a balance between emotional and catchy. He draws on that same value when preparing a set by trying to tell a story with both the highs and the lows required to keep listeners interested.

"For me, when I try to make a hit record, I try to think of things that I would connect to… I think that's what you need for a hit record—something that touches the strings of your soul."

Even though Maurya wishes he had started making music sooner, he is indeed working hard and putting in the hours in the present day. Learn more about him, his journey, and his musical aspirations by listening to our full Take-5 interview with the rising star that is Maurya Sevak.

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