Maximus Unveils the Beats of Amsterdam: A Nexus Radio Interview

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Amsterdam, the pulsating heart of the electronic music scene, recently played host to the Nexus Radio Lounge Amsterdam, bringing together a myriad of talented artists, including the bright representative of electronic music, Maximus. In this exclusive interview, Maximus opens up about his experiences, aspirations, and the dynamic world of music production.

At the outset, Maximus expresses his excitement about the opportunity to connect with established artists and foster a sense of community at the Nexus radio festival. The vibrant atmosphere of Amsterdam provides a unique backdrop for creatives to collaborate and share their passion for music.


As the conversation delves deeper, Maximus sheds light on the collaborative spirit that permeates the festival. Creativity becomes the currency, with artists freely exchanging ideas and inspiring one another. Interestingly, the interview takes an unexpected turn towards denim preferences, highlighting the diverse aspects of artists’ lives beyond their musical endeavors.

Maximus shares his main goal of being recognized as an artist, emphasizing the importance of daily work and collaboration. The discussion touches on the challenges of music production and the nerve-wracking moments before stepping onto the stage. This glimpse into the artist’s mindset humanizes the larger-than-life figures in the electronic music scene.

The interview takes a delightful turn as Maximus reminisces about a memorable live performance in Spain. The audience is treated to insights into Maximus’ taste in music and even his guilty pleasures. This personal touch endears the artist to fans, establishing a connection beyond the beats and melodies.

In a revealing segment, Maximus discloses his aspirations beyond the realm of music. If given the power to solve one global problem overnight, he chooses to address the lack of food or money for everyone, showcasing a genuine concern for global welfare. The interview concludes with a quirky note – Maximus’ weirdest food combination: tuna fish with ice cream.

As a DJ and sound producer, Maximus stands out as a bright force in electronic music. Specializing in the production of dance music, his tracks reverberate from the South to the East, bringing joy, fun, and emotion to the global electronic music community. With numerous chart-topping singles and remixes, Maximus has garnered support from renowned platforms like Radio Record, DFM Dance Radio, Love Radio, and Ibiza Global Radio.

Maximus’s work has earned acclaim and recognition from industry stalwarts such as Steve Aoki, Showtek, R3hab, Dada Life, Dirty Palm, Fede Le Grand, and URBØI. Anticipation builds as Maximus hints at future releases and collaborations with other luminaries in the electronic music world.

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