Max’S: Time Flies Too Fast For Me

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Joining us at the G-Shock popup studio, in the Nexus Lounge, Amsterdam we spoke with Max’S about his latest release, his journey both as a music fan and a producer, and the importance of enjoying every moment.

Although relatively new to the industry, Italian DJ and producer Max’S has been making waves since the release of his latest single, “Distraction.”” As his Langhewood Records debut, and only his second production to date, “Distraction” has well and truly put his name on the map for many music fans, drawing in new listeners from all over the world with his punchy and energetic sound.


Of course, the track’s popularity should come as no surprise given the electrifying industry response to his previous release, Thunder Trail, a track that received support from none other than David Guetta. Another beat-driven house track, ‘Thunder Trail’ feels surprisingly experimental for a debut, yet it’s an experiment that pays off.

Now, for a man who makes songs about Distraction, he’s not too keen on losing even a moment of time, or so it seems.

"Time flies too fast for me. It's very important in my life, because I am the example that life can change me at every age and time. Time is very important… I wish I could stop the time to enjoy more of life."

But what does that busy schedule look like on the day to day? Is he working on more music or planning out some live shows?

Naturally, we were curious about what might be coming down the line for Max’S and while he couldn’t confirm anything specific, it seems clear that he’ll be releasing new material in the near future, stressing that “it’s very important for me to share my new music.”

If there’s one thing that can really define an artist, it’s how their tastes change and develop over time. For Max’S, his musical journey began when he was young, listening to techno music on vinyl. In recent years, however, his tastes have shifted more specifically toward melodic techno, with a particular fondness for the work of Dutch producers.

Having only begun releasing music in 2022, this year was Max’S first Amsterdam Dance Event. He described the event as “very electrifying” and said it gave him a chance to meet with lots of musicians and producers. We can only hope to see him come back next year with more amazing music under his belt.

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