Swedish singer and songwriter, Tove Lo, has been roped in by the British electronic/synthpop trio Years & Years for a revamped version of their early single Desire.

The track ‘Desire’ went to number 22 on the UK charts when it was originally released back in November 2014, and brought the trio into the pop stratosphere ahead of their number one smash hit King the following year.

Y&Y frontman Olly Alexander announced the new collaboration on Twitter, calling Tove Lo a “megababe” and posing for a picture with the Swedish artist. He wrote: “So happy & excited to announce that excellent pop star & megababe Tove Lo is featuring on our NEW version of Desire!”



While the remix stays in line with its 2014 original, the second verse, sung by Tove, has just slightly altered lyrics — mainly, a word or two has been tweaked to make it more from a second vocalist’s perspective.

Keep your ears peeled !!

Watch the video of Tove Lo, in Years & Years revamped version of ‘Desire’