Merow: Navigating the Beats and Rhythms of Success

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Megan Nelemaat, the Dutch powerhouse known by her stage name Merow, has rapidly risen through the music industry ranks, establishing herself as a skilled musician, record producer, and DJ. From her early days honing her craft in DJ lessons at 11 to her recent graduation from the prestigious Herman Brood Academy and securing a contract with STMPD Records, Merow’s musical journey is nothing short of remarkable. Her debut track, “Kick It To The Drum,” has already marked her as a force to be reckoned with in the world of bass house music. In this exclusive interview, Merow shares insights into her experiences in the music scene, time management challenges, thoughts on gender equality in EDM, and the inspirations behind her musical creations.

In a candid conversation with DJ Ron at the Nexus Lounge Amsterdam edition, Merow delves into the symbiotic relationship between music, fashion, and the vibrant dance music scene in Amsterdam. As a city renowned for its rich musical history, Merow discusses how the atmosphere and culture have influenced her artistic journey. Her affiliation with STMPD RCRDS and representation at events like Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) signify her growing prominence in the epicenter of electronic dance music.

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With a hectic schedule boasting 8 gigs in just 5 days, Merow opens up about the challenges of time management in the fast-paced world of DJing. Balancing a demanding itinerary, Merow places a high priority on health and meticulous preparation. As she gears up for upcoming shows, her enthusiasm remains unwavering, showcasing her commitment to electrifying performances to her ever-growing fan base.

Reflecting on her time at the Herman Brood Academy, Merow emphasizes the significance of connecting with fellow producers and receiving constructive feedback from mentors. As an advocate for gender equality in EDM, she discusses the evolving landscape and the importance of creating an inclusive space for all artists. Merow’s journey inspires aspiring musicians, breaking barriers and making strides in a traditionally male-dominated industry.

In a light-hearted segment, Merow and DJ Ron discuss music inspiration, tastes, and some favorite snacks. Merow recounts her experience playing at Tomorrowland, expressing how the energy of the festival has influenced her musical style, particularly in the realm of bass house. She also offers a playful critique of Martin Garrix’s music video, citing it as the most ridiculous she’s seen. Nostalgic about the 90s, Merow dreams of experiencing the vibrant house clubs and culture that defined that era in Amsterdam.

Merow’s journey from the early days of DJ lessons to gracing the stages of Tomorrowland and ADE is a testament to her talent, determination, and passion for music. As she embarks on the next chapter of her career with STMPD Records, the future looks incredibly promising for this rising star in the electronic dance music scene. Keep an ear out for Merow’s electrifying beats as she continues to navigate the rhythms of success in the global music landscape.

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