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Mesto Makes Moves In Miami

For his debut, DJ/producer Mesto made the rounds.  Launching his new single with , “Can’t Get Enough,” was popping all over the city. 

At 19 years old, is already a world traveler.  After Miami, he is off to France, Germany, and his favorite country, Japan.  “The people are really kind,” and it’s a “beautiful country” with amazing food.  Sushi is his guilty pleasure, with the omelet (tamago nigiri) being his favorite.

When asked who his dream collaborator is, ’s surprising reply was John Mayer.  “A lot of people think because I make house that I listen to house, that’s not really the case.”  He also cites acoustic guitarist BBO as another one of his favorites.   The trio of Mayer, and BBO – now that sounds like the perfect mix. 

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