Michael Canitrot: The Most Important Thing With Electronic Music Is To Be Together

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Sitting down in the Bowers and Wilkins pop-up studio at this year’s Amsterdam Dance Event, we spoke with DJ/Producer Michael Canitrot about his upcoming projects and the man behind the music.
Best known for his So, Happy in Paris? Touring parties, Canitrot is, in many ways, a unique artist, placing as much importance on the experience of EDM as the music itself. A self-described “open-minded” artist, Canitrot’s style blends a wide variety of genres into a one-of-a-kind mix, and his focus is on creating huge-scale shows, the likes of which most fans have never seen before.

“The idea for me is to bring people into a journey. I try to create an experience [not just] with the music, but with the visual as well… So the idea is to create music and connect with the visual and bring people into a real experience, visually and musically as well.”

His most recent success was in his Monumental Tour. Beginning in September 2019, the tour was patronized by the French National Commission for UNESCO and aimed to bring awareness to heritage preservation. After the significant success of that tour, he says he’s now looking to get the show outside of France to Lisbon, Portugal. Hopefully, they can recapture the magic of the France show, but either way, it will be a spectacular affair.
Michael Canitrot
The show is taking up only some of his time. Canitrot says he’s also working hard on several new tracks to follow up his recent hit ‘Take It Back’, with the aim of creating a mix of deep house, progressive house, and melodic techno.

“It’s not just the music for me; it’s a real experience... For me, it’s a lifestyle… You can discover the music through the radio stations, but go to the club, go to the festival, enjoy it with your friends and support the artists… I think the most important thing in electronic music is to be together and have an experience together.”

It’s hard to stress just how much Michael Canitrot is an artist who cares about the experience of sharing music. His biggest nightmare was the Covid Cancellation of Miami Music Week, and like many artists this year, he made a point of saying just how nice it is to be back together with the whole industry at ADE.
To learn more about Michael Canitrot, his favorite animal, and his ADE experience, then be sure to check out the full, exclusive ADE interview.

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