Mike Williams’ Enormous Talent and Modesty Make Him the Biggest Artist of the Future

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Dutch DJ Mike Williams stopped by the Nexus Lounge Amsterdam to discuss his ADE experience and most recent projects and participate in our Take 5 series!

Mike Willemsen, better known as Mike Williams, is a DJ, record producer, musician, and remixer from the Netherlands. His family knew he would have a successful musical career when he was only four years old and began playing the piano for the first time. When he was twelve, he used his savings to buy his first DJ equipment, and from then on, you could always find Mike behind the decks.
Mike Williams
The DJ’s breakthrough happened in 2017 when his hit “Feel Good,” a collaboration with none other than Felix Jaehn, soared on radio, playlists, and streams. Along with Dutch DJs Justin Mylo, Brooks, and Mesto, he is regarded as an innovator of the future bounce genre, an evolving subgenre of future house, and even dubbed “artist of the future” by Tiesto.
Just recently, Mike Williams is back in full force at the Amsterdam Dance Event with a brand new solo show! After four years of successfully hosting his sold-out events, he’s back with a special edition. Mike did not only perform behind the piano on October 21st. Before the doors opened, an exclusive dinner was prepared and served by the one and only Mike Grilliams! The funny thing is when asked what he would name his eyeglasses from Danish eyewear company Christopher Cloos, he said, “a lot of people were making fun with my name. I was doing barbecue, and they called me Mike Grilliams. And then, in Dutch, “glasses” are “bril.” We could call it Mike Brilliams or something.”
Mike Williams’ EP titled STORYLINES comes in a full circle. While the widely acclaimed DJ/producer performs for his brand new, long-awaited ADE party, he also released the final single from his ambitious STORYLINES EP, “When The Sun Is Gone,” with singer-songwriter RYVM for a splendid, electronically charged pop ballad that reveals his feelings like no other. As the sun sets, Mike Williams unfolds his full STORYLINES, which is now on Spinnin’ Records.
Mike Williams has complete command of his career, basically from A to Z. From the first note he ever wrote to the tiniest detail in his live shows, his dedication to everything his fans get to experience appears to be boundless. While this was the beginning of a whirlwind adventure in the global electronic music scene, Mike’s genuine trademarks have always been a sense of calmness and certain modesty. In fact, when asked what he does to maintain positive mental health, he answered,

"I talk with someone, and I'm open about that. I have a coach cuz this industry is very hectic. With a lot of touring and then being at home suddenly, then a lot of pressure and not a lot of sleep."

To learn more about Mike Williams, including if he ever got into trouble in school, listen to our full interview below!

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