Mike Zaloxx: Riding Trance Waves and Throwing USB Sparks

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In a symphony of beats and unexpected chaos, Mike Zaloxx, the Swiss maestro of Uplifting Trance, took center stage at the HeyDude Pop-Up Interview Space within the Nexus Lounge. Representing genres with tracks released on renowned labels, Zaloxx’s musical prowess soared with hits like “Lately” and “Saving Night.”

The interview provided a window into Zaloxx’s multifaceted world, intertwining music, live performances, and glimpses into his personal life. A memorable moment unfolded as Zaloxx recounted accidentally tossing a USB stick into the crowd during a live performance, sparking unexpected pandemonium.

Mike Zaloxx

Beyond the beats, Zaloxx revealed a quirky side, expressing a desire to have a life swap with Martin Garrix and embracing the joy of trying unusual foods like cheese.

For a riveting dive into the rhythmic realms of Mike Zaloxx, fans are encouraged to soak in the full interview. It’s not just music; it’s an adventure with beats, chaos, and the intriguing quirks that define the maestro’s sonic journey.

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