MJE Unveiled: Notes from the Nexus Lounge at HeyDude Pop-Up Studio

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In the pulsating heart of electronic music, the collaboration between DJ/Producer Max Amorth, Singer/Producer JaKe X, and DJ/Producer Enfor, collectively known as MJE, has been making waves since its inception at the close of 2021. The Nexus Lounge at the HeyDude Pop-Up Studio recently played host to an insightful audio interview, offering a peek behind the curtains of MJE’s journey and vision for the future.

MJE’s story is one of youthful passion and relentless creativity. Despite their tender age, these three Italian artists have already amassed a wealth of experiences and collaborations, both on stage and in the studio. What sets them apart is their unwavering commitment to producing exceptional Pop-House, Electro-Pop, and Tech House music that not only captivates but also pushes boundaries.


The Nexus Lounge interview kicked off with a lively discussion about MJE’s dance music escapades at the Amsterdam Dance Event. Their live debut at the iconic Ministry of Sound, where they served as the opening act for the legendary Steve Aoki, marked the beginning of their meteoric rise. Just a month later, they graced the stage at the Amsterdam Dance Event with three unforgettable gigs, solidifying their presence in the electronic music landscape.

An intriguing aspect of MJE’s narrative unfolded as they delved into the origin of their name and their palpable excitement for the Amsterdam Dance Event. The trio’s synergy and shared enthusiasm for their craft shone through, providing listeners with a glimpse into the chemistry that fuels their creative process.

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The interview seamlessly transitioned into a discussion about MJE’s music releases, projects, and live performances. A standout strategy emerged – the release of one song per month. Beyond the conventional approach to music production, MJE is carving a path that places a strong emphasis on live performances. Their stage presence, featuring live singing and instruments, promises an immersive experience that goes beyond the typical electronic music show.

Venturing into the realm of creativity, the interview explored the genesis of MJE’s track “Body Goes Crazy.” Speaker 1 unraveled the layers of inspiration behind the song, providing a deeper understanding of the lyrics and the creative process. It’s a journey into the artistry and passion that define MJE’s musical identity.

In a surprising turn, Speaker 2 shared a dream job that transcends the realms of DJing – envisioning a life akin to super DJs like Martin Garrix or David Guetta, with a unique twist of addressing global problems, specifically the issue of overheating. It’s a testament to MJE’s vision that extends beyond the beats, highlighting their awareness of global challenges and a desire to make a positive impact.

As we conclude this glimpse into MJE’s audio interview at the Nexus Lounge, we invite fans and music enthusiasts to dive into the full interview. It’s not just a conversation about music; it’s an exploration of passion, creativity, and a commitment to pushing boundaries. Don’t miss the chance to connect with MJE on a deeper level. Listen now and be part of the journey as MJE continues to redefine the landscape of electronic music,

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