MK: A Deep House Dance Legend


MK: A Deep House Dance Legend

EDM is a vast genre, and there are so many artists out there that it takes great skill and talent to really rise to the top. Today we’re taking a closer look at an artist who’s got all that and more, a man who’s been on the scene for over three decades and is still going strong. He’s an artist who’s not afraid to reinvent his sound and always brings a unique style to the stage. So it’s time to talk about MK.


Who is MK?

Marc Kinchen – who goes by the stage names 4th Measure Men and MK – first hit the scene in 1993 with “Always” and “Love Changes .”In ‘95 he dropped his first hit under the 4th Measure Men name and used both words intermittently depending on the project.
Of course, like many musicians, his journey didn’t begin with hit singles. Kinchen grew up in Detroit, Michigan, and spent his teenage years learning his craft as an aspiring artist. Ultimately this led to his first collaborative work with icons of the day, such as Juan Atkins, Kevin Saunderson, and Derick May.
For many people, the best way to learn is to do, which was proved by Kinchen. Those early works allowed him to learn from the masters, which helped him develop many skills that still serve him today.
After the huge international success that was his remix of The Nightcrawlers’ ‘Push The Feeling On, MK was finally ready to release his work, and you’d better believe it was well-received.


As well as being an outstanding artist in his own right, MK has always been quite the collaborator. Collaboration comes more naturally to DJs than other musicians in many ways, and MK is an excellent example of why. Not content to keep pumping out his great hits, MK is known to many as one of the best mixers on the scene.
Throughout the ‘90s, he was one of the most influential names around, and to this day, his remixes are hotly sought after by other musicians.
During his early years, he worked with vocalist Alana, but as his style branched out, so made his choice of collaborators. Before long, his music began to feature other artists such as Becky Hill, A*M*E, and, more recently, the likes of Paul Woolford and Majid Jordan.


His work has varied in the genre over the years, but, for the most part, he sticks with House and Deep House, occasionally bringing some R&B elements into the mix. In recent years, he’s perhaps best known for incorporating piano into his work, particularly on his live sets.

The Future of MK

MK has been around for a while, and, in that time, he’s seen his fair share of success, but looking at him these days, it appears the real journey is only just beginning. In the last few years, he’s exploded in popularity from a dedicated fan base to being one of the most popular EDM artists in the world. This summer, he’s playing Creamfields, Parklife, Amnesia, Camp Bisco, and so many other locations that it’s a wonder he’ll have time to sleep. After that, who can say?

We know that Kinchen is the kind of artist who will keep pushing the genre to its boundaries, exploring new styles of music, and changing the face of EDM. Throughout his career, he’s always stood out as one of those artists ahead of the trend, so young up-and-comers would be well advised to watch him closely.

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