Mojjo’s Miami Debut: From Brazil to the Nexus Lounge

During Miami Music Week, DJ Davis of Nexus Radio sat with Brazilian DJ Mojjo for an engaging interview at the Nexus Radio Level Awards space. The conversation started with clarifications about Mojjo’s Brazilian roots and quickly moved into his exciting weekly plans, which were filled with performances and meetings.

Mojjo couldn’t contain his admiration for Miami, marking it as his first visit to both the city and the United States. He passionately compared Miami to Rio, ultimately favoring the vibrant atmosphere of Miami. As the dialogue shifted to music, Mojjo unveiled details about his upcoming releases and a recent remix for a popular Brazilian band, sparking a shared excitement among his fans.


The interview’s highlight was the “Take Five” segment, where Mojjo not only revealed his musical inspirations and favorite songs but also his preferred animal identity. He also shared his love for art beyond music, discussing his favorite painting and the scariest movie he saw as a child, showcasing his multifaceted creativity and inspiring the audience.

Mojjo’s infectious energy and passion for his craft were evident throughout the interview. He said, “Miami feels like a new adventure, full of endless possibilities.”

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