Mr Belt & Wezol & Angry Birds? : ADE 2017

Their DJ names sound more like cartoon characters than serious DJs, but Bart Reim (Mr. Belt) and Sam Van Wees (Wezol) mean business. The duo first came together when Bart was organizing parties in his hometown of Delft, he booked then 17-year-old Sam to DJ at one of his parties. The two kept in close contact and attended several festivals together which led them to fall in love with house music.

Their playful take on classic house and their frolicking energy caught the attention of Spinnin Records. Mr Belt and Wezol want to be different and you can see that in their very unique music videos. “DJs are always posting pictures in the studio again and again, and we wanted to do something different. So we made videos of us dancing really weird,” they said. Their quicky videos ultimately went viral, which helped propel them into the spotlight.

More recently, Mr Belt and Wezol had a brilliant idea! they updated Wilson Phillips’ Hold On and turned it into a club anthem which they dubbed One More Day. That moment of brilliance might have been inspired by binging on one of their favorite games: Angry Birds. One thing we know for sure, One More Day  would be a great soundtrack for that game.

Listen to the full interview below!

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