MYRNE Promises More Bangers

MYRNE joined us on the BPM Supreme® red carpet event at the Nexus Radio Lounge for Miami Music Week and Winter Music Conference to talk about his touring schedule and upcoming projects.

The 20-year-old Singapore native has been making waves with his vocal-oriented spin on future bass which caught the attention of Monstercat. The DJ and producer recently concluded a 10- track album with Singapore-based Universal-Musical artist Gentle Bones which promises to be full of ‘bangers.’

Aside from the album, also has a really busy touring schedule:

“we have great shows slated for some time in April like a month after the album release, this weekend I will be playing at the ultra, and after that, it’s a bunch of regional shows throughout Asia. We are working on trying to come back to the states again because we’ve played here like three different runs, the first time I played here was at ten shows from the east and west coast.”

Listen to this full interview with and Nexus Radio’s Dayanna Ramirez, for the full interview click below↓


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