Nathassia Talks A.I., Love and Technology


Nathassia Talks A.I., Love and Technology

Rising electro-pop princess Nathassia ushers in a fresh multi-cultural world-view with a bit of modern technology and healthy dose of mysticism.  Already a favorite among taste-makers all over the globe, Nathassia’s divine grooves might just be the soundtrack of your future dreams!

Nexus: Before we get started, tell us about your latest projects
Nathassia:  You’ve probably heard about A.I. (artificial intelligence) and robotics? Humanity is about to face one of the biggest  leaps in technology in our history, when love merges with Technology. That’s what my latest single ‘Light of the World‘ is all about.

Nexus: Which drink do you prefer and how do you like it?  Cocktails, Tea or Coffee?
Nathassia:  Cocktails keep them coming! Piña Colada’s and Mojito’s.

Nexus: Who was your childhood crush?
Nathassia:  I was drowning in love for David Hasselhoff but unfortunately he never came to rescue me!

Nexus: If you had a time machine, which decade would you go back to, and why?
Nathassia:  I would travel 4000 years into the past for a chance to meet my favourite queen ‘Nefertiti’. I would ask her if she likes the song I wrote about her stolen bust.

Nexus: What’s your favorite airport and why?
Nathassia:  Amsterdam because it makes me feel at home.

Nexus: Disney, Vegas or Paris?
Nathassia:  Vegas because I haven’t been there yet.

Nexus: Boxers, Briefs or Commando?
Nathassia:  Boxers.

Nexus: Thank you for chatting with us today, we can’t wait to hear your new album. What’s next on your radar?

Nathassia:  I have a very special version of my song “Egypt’s Queen” that will be released on vinyl soon, and I’m also working on my second album. I look forward to performing all over the world next year!

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