Nick Gunn Is a True Original.

We always enjoy catching up with our longtime friend and Nexus Radio supporter Nick Gunn.

After enjoying a string of moderately successful hits under the name Limelght, Nick went solo. “[Tanner and I] were like two bulls in a china shop literally breaking everything.” Tanner is now an assistant a&r executive at Armada, which is his wheelhouse.

When asked about upcoming releases, Nick mentioned several in the queue including a Tom Fall remix of “All of Mine,” a Vigel remix of “Canis Major,” and a new track with Jake Willis.  Nick is also going back to his roots in instrumental-world music.  He recently released the album called Riding The Thermals which is making waves and charting around the world.

Nick called himself a “stay at home studio dad” as he works in the studio while taking care of his one year-old son.  Nexus host Todd Michaels asked him what advice he’d give his son if he were to become an aspiring DJ:  “Rephrase that, put producer first.  You can DJ to support your production career.  DJing is a mechanism by which you perform live.”  That is great advice for anyone is the business.

This is Take5 with Nick Gunn!

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