Niel Degas and Ricardo Geldres Talk MMW and New Single “Hypno Therapy”

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During Miami Music Week, we sat down with Niel Degas and Ricardo Geldres in the Philips Bungalow at our Nexus Lounge Miami. The pair played a quick game of our Nexus Take 5 series, shared about upcoming projects, and gave us the scoop on their experience at MMW. 

DJ Niel Degas is a Florida legend, a talented and versatile artist who has been making waves in the music industry since 2010. Born in Maryland and now based in South Florida, Niel’s music is inspired by industry giants like Calvin Harris, Hardwell, Daft Punk, and Purple Disco Machine.

Niel Degas

Niel’s unique sound comes from his ability to seamlessly blend various genres, creating captivating music that leaves listeners wanting more. His debut EP, “Don’t Need You,” featuring Scarlett, showcases his exceptional production skills. Following the success of his debut, Niel released “Sahara,” a collaboration with renowned vocalist Dan Diamond. This track reached the 9th position on the Beatport Top 100 charts, further cementing Niel’s place in the music industry.

Ricardo Geldres, on the other hand, is a talented up-and-comer from Boston, Massachusetts. He’s been producing music since 2016, with his passion for music taking him to great heights, including recently opening for Flo Rida at the Royale Boston. 

Ricardo and Niel released “Hypno Therapy,” a banging techno track featuring sultry narration and a beat that’ll have you wishing you were at the club no matter the time of day. 

Getting into our interview, the duo shares they’re excited to be at Miami Music Week. They have already hit up many parties over the last few days and with several more to come after the Nexus Lounge. 

Both DJs have some exciting projects lined up: Niel will be diving into the world of afrobeat with an upcoming track called “Free Up,” while Ricardo’s stoked for his upcoming debut album, slated for release in January 2025. 

The duo joins us for a quick game of our Nexus Take 5 series, where we ask our guests questions that range from severe or funny to just plain weird. Niel and Ricardo take the opportunity to share some of their favorite tracks, ranging from Calvin Harris to Modern Galaxy, and each share one of the most exciting experiences of their lives so far. 

We could provide more details here, but we’ll let you meet this talented duo and hear more about their time at Miami Music Week with the full-length and exclusive interview below. And, as always, make sure to follow us on Instagram @nexusradiodance for more exclusive interviews with dance music’s biggest artists. 

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