Nora En Pure : Be More Confident, No Matter What People Tell You

Daniela Niederer or Nora En Pure is a South-African/Swiss DJ and Deep-House producer. She first received name recognition with her single “Come with Me” back in 2013. She then furthered her popularity with “Tears In Your Eyes”, and the Nexus Radio #1 single “Tell My Heart” featuring Dani Senior.

We wanted to know how Nora always manages to keep her productions fresh, different, yet current, here’s what she said;

“I’m always trying to keep my fans happy with bringing a bit of piano and the organic sounds but also trying something new. Like the “Trailblazer” [track] which is something a little bit deeper, then again with something happy. I try different things and I’m just glad [that] it usually gets a great response.”

Coming up for Nora are a few Vegas shows, a European tour, and a remix collaboration with the techno group “Sons of Maria.”

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We asked her what advice she would give her 15-year-old self;

“To be more confident and also stubborn in what you want to achieve. Just go for it no matter what people want to tell you and [when they] say it doesn’t work. Just [to] be a bit stubborn…and a little more proud.”

Nora En Pure was excited to once again play at Ultra Music Festival for the first time in three years. To learn more about Nora, including which island or country she would live the rest of her life in, what her ideal fragrance would smell like- click on the full audio interview below↓

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