Nothing Feels More “Alive” than Tube & Berger and Frank Klassen’s Newest Collaboration


Nothing Feels More “Alive” than Tube & Berger and Frank Klassen’s Newest Collaboration


Together, Tube & Berger and Frank Klassen have released “Feel The Same” on RcrdShp as part of an exclusive NFT project. However, that is only the beginning. “Alive,” the next collaboration between Tube & Berger and Frank Klassen, is already coming in hot!

The German dance/electronica producers Arndt Rörig and Marco Vidovic go by the moniker Tube & Berger. After engaging in early experimentation in the field of punk music, the duo initially achieved success with their 2004 song “Straight Ahead,” which featured vocals from Chrissie Hynde of The Pretender and immediately dominated the Billboard Dance Radio Chart.

Since this early hit, their output has significantly flourished with the addition of real-world recordings and samples into their music. Their complex, emotionally-driven production process results in genuine and evocative songs without losing the dancefloor punch crucial for the modern DJ.

Our next feature artist is Frank Klassen. At just 5, he had no idea that his foray into classical music would eventually guide him to a career in recording. Instead, he took cello, voice, and guitar lessons when he was very young, which gave him the foundation to forge a path in electronic music. Frank Klassen delivers outstanding international cello live-set performances, conquering Germany, England, France, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Austria, Italy, and Los Angeles.

With this kind of history, it’s easy to see that Frank Klassen’s potential is limitless as he introduces the world to his forward-thinking melodic techno rhythms and heartfelt deep house soundscapes. He crafts a singular musical experience with his cello live sets that are truly a fascinating journey through the senses and spheres of electronic music.

At Nexus radio, we ask questions that have never been asked before. To know more about Tube & Berger and Frank Klassen’s inner thoughts about music and life, keep reading for an exclusive Take5 interview.

Q: Before we dig in, what’s next for you?

T&B x FK: It’s festival season, and we just came back from Brazil, where we had a show at ‘Green Valley,’ a club that should be on every raver’s bucket list. Straight to Germany’s finest ‘Parookaville’ and various other European festivals. Claptone’s Masquerade at Pacha or the Garden Of Madness at Ushuaia. Ibiza after Covid is wild!! Besides that, we have a sick new record coming up. Alive is a collab with Frank Klassen, who is one to watch in the future. The tune that was released on Zehn Records and contains vocals and cello by Frank… and a sick drop 🙂

Q: What does music mean to you?

T&B: Music can be a friend, a magical friend providing shelter but also loads of satisfaction. It can also be a pain in the ass sometimes, especially when you start overthinking or losing access to the flow.

FK: Energy

Q: Is there a song that makes you emotional?

T&B: There are too many, from Binary Finary to Hurt sung by Johnny Cash. There are too many.

FK: M83

Q: How important are lyrics?

FK: Nothing is essential unless you make it necessary – there are no rules

T&B: Franky is right!

Q: Which musical era would you visit if you could travel back in time?

T&B: Tough question. We love the 80ies, but it has to be the 60ies.

FK: hm probably 70ies & 80ies


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Tube & Berger, Frank Klassen
album ZEHN0062 Tube Berger Frank Klassen Alive Cover Art

Q: Who was your role model while growing up?

T&B: Luke Skywalker and Dave Gahan from Depeche Mode

FK: Jared Leto

Q: What makes you feel unstoppable?

T&B: When having these magical studio moments and everything flows, you have to keep jamming.

FK: Playing the last note of an entire cello suite without any mistake!

Q: What would be on the gag reel of your life?

T&B: Meriadoc Brandybock & Peregrin Tuk

FK: Bud Spencer & Terence Hill

Q: How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop?

T&B: or how fast can you move it…

FK: It depends on how long your tongue is, haha

Q: Would you travel to space?

T&B: A 14-day cruise through our solar system would be incredible.

FK: Not only to space, but we are also already traveling into the metaverse! Check out

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