NoVone Unveiled: A Sweeping Sonic Journey

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In the vibrant tapestry of electronic music, Swedish maestro NoVone, also known as Olle Neldemo, took center stage at the Nexus Lounge during a revealing audio interview at the G-Shock Pop-Up Studio. Hailing from the musically rich city of Gothenburg, NoVone’s progressive house and electro-house creations, infused with future rave elements, have captured the attention of enthusiasts worldwide. This interview showed the artist’s soul, touching everything from music and identity to unusual culinary adventures.

NoVone’s journey into house music began with the transformative experience of hearing the Axwell Remix of “In the Air.” This pivotal moment ignited a passion that led him to start producing music at 15. Fast forward to 2021, and NoVone had already made a significant mark with releases like “Olympia,” a track endorsed by none other than Sander Van Doorn. His discography continued to expand with breathtaking singles such as “Exit,” “Burn It,” and “Above It All.”


The interview started with a vibrant discussion between NoVone and DJ Davis about the anticipation and excitement surrounding the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE). ADE, a hub for electronic music enthusiasts, serves as a backdrop for artists to explore the intricate relationship between music and identity. NoVone’s words resonated with the enthusiasm of someone deeply immersed in music’s cultural and transformative power.

As the interview unfolded, NoVone delved into upcoming shows and projects, giving fans a glimpse into the future of his music journey. The conversation traversed the creative process, touching on new tracks and collaborations that promise to elevate his sonic portfolio. NoVone’s commitment to infusing emotions into his work showed that each note and beat is a vessel for the artist’s genuine expression.

In an unexpected turn, the interview ventured into lighter territory, exploring NoVone’s guilty pleasures, from embarrassing songs to hypothetical dinner conversations with dead or alive celebrities. The artist’s unfiltered responses painted a vivid picture of his personality, showcasing a playful side that harmonizes with the raw aggression and positivity embedded in his music.


NoVone’s journey extended beyond music into the realm of culinary exploration. The interview took an unexpected turn as he shared the daring experience of eating chicken hearts in Brazil, offering a glimpse into the artist’s adventurous spirit. The candid revelation, including the potential aftermath of food poisoning, added a touch of authenticity to the conversation.

For fans eager to embark on a sonic odyssey with NoVone, the Nexus Lounge interview is a gateway to the artist’s thoughts, experiences, and unfiltered moments. Unveil the layers of NoVone’s artistic identity and explore the intersections of music, culture, and personal revelation. Click below to delve into the full audio interview and connect with the soul behind the beats.

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