NUZB: The Impressive New DJ On The Block

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NUZB joined us at the Nexus Lounge Amsterdam during the Amsterdam Dance Event. The Brazilian musician and producer took part in our Take-5 series, where we spoke about his music, mental health, and experience in Amsterdam.

Under the alias NUZB, Francisco Junior has been blending house and future bass music into his dance style, RetroFuture. His success over the last two years has been significant, resulting in him playing at 2022’s Tomorrowland festival in Belgium and hitting the 80th spot on @1001tracklist’s Top 101 Producers list.

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In our interview, NUZB’s latest song, Clouds, was released through Stmped Rcrds. “It’s a different track from me… It’s [a] kind of chill track somehow, but on the drop, it’s so powerful”, he says. At the time of this interview, NUZB had not previously played the track, so he was curious to see the crowd’s reaction to the ADE.

Moving onto a recurring topic in today’s music industry, NUZB explains how he maintains a positive mental health space:

"It's difficult… Mental health, it's not something that you, you know, mess with it. You have to be focused on your work, but at the same time, you need to have some fun, go out, and meet up with your friends", he explains.

"It's kind of difficult to maintain your mental health, but I usually go for a workout, go running, listen to some different type of music. I really love lo-fi to vibe, so this makes me feel happy."

On a lighter note, the quick-fire interview questions directed a more random and funny tone from NUZB. For example, when asked if he got in trouble in school, he explains a moment when teachers scolded him for playing the drums in class. Starting his musical interests at a young age led to him being signed to Martin Garriz’s label, Stmpd Rcrds, so many would argue that his persistence has paid off.

NUZB was also a Linkin Park fan, shouting them out as the first band he downloaded onto MP3. “I was listening to Linkin Park these last few weeks,” he says. “It was crazy because I could feel like I was a teen again,” NUZB says he takes inspiration from rock music’s melodies into his own sound.

It’s no wonder NUZB is experiencing success today. His passion for the electronic dance industry is apparent as he describes it as “a whole universe to cover your best, favorite type of music… music’s life”, he adds.

To learn more about NUZB, and know more about his musical background, listen to the full interview below:

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