Take5: Zack Martino NYC’S Riveting DJ


Take5: Zack Martino NYC’S Riveting DJ

Zack Martino is a NYC native and a young up-and-coming house DJ making waves in recent years. He signed his first single to Armada in late 2016, and since then has released on labels such as Atlantic Records, Capitol Records, and Ultra. Currently, he has over one million monthly listeners and 50 million streams on Spotify. His relatively new career has already become well acquainted with the stage; Martino has performed at legendary venues like Marquee NY and Irving Plaza.

His most popular release by far is “Make Me Yours,” a collaboration with fellow American DJ Borgeous released in 2018. It is of the progressive house genre, a subgenre of house music that emerged in the early 1990s which Mixmag described as “hard but tuneful, banging but thoughtful, uplifting and trancey house.” “Make Me Yours,” with its upbeat tempo and catchy lyrics, definitely fits the mark. The single has garnered over 25 million plays on Spotify.
Zack Martino
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Martino not only makes stellar original tracks, but his remixes have also caught the ears of music lovers all over the world. Two of his most popular releases are a remix of Loud Luxury and Bryce Vine’s “I’m Not Alright” and a remix of Galantis’s “Rich Boy.”

This September, Martino released his latest single “Something About You,” with a promise to fans that a music video for it is coming soon. The single features Ki Fitzgerald, a British singer, songwriter, and music producer.
To learn more about this artist, read our Take-5 interview with him below!

Q: Before we get started, tell us about your latest project.

My latest single “Something About You” together with KIFI is the second single we made together. You guys might remember him from my single “Make Me Yours.” This song took us about a year to finish which we started back in London. We are so excited it’s finally out! Thank you guys for playing it 🙂

Q: What would your friends say about you? Who knows you best?

My friends would probably say I’m really funny even though they wouldn’t mean it, but they would laugh at my jokes to make me feel better lol. My sister Jessica knows me better than anyone. We’re really close.

Q: Where do you find inspiration?

Honestly, anything gives me inspiration but when I’m just relaxing or going for long rides in my car I come up with my best melodies and sing it into my phone.

Q: What would be a good theme song for your life?

“Pursuit of Happiness” by Kid Cudi. I play that song every morning and it makes me very happy.

Q: You must survive in the Amazon Rainforest for a year. Which 3 DJs or industry friends would you take with you and why?

That’s a good one! I don’t know if I can survive there but I’d def bring Zaxx, I don’t know why but I feel like he would know his way around lol. Maybe he can build us a fort. Eric Cunningham, to document the whole thing and not get us lost, and Afsheen. I feel like he would be a great asset to getting us food. He would def know which berries to eat, etc. Without them, I would have no shot :/

Q: Which fictional character would be the most exciting to meet in real life?

Danny Phantom would be pretty dope. Maybe I can become part of his squad and catch some ghosts or something!

Q: Amsterdam, New York, or Tokyo?

I live in NY and spent a month in Amsterdam last year, but I have never been to Tokyo yet. Hopefully, once things get better!

Q: Do you sing in the shower?

Of course!! I can’t trust you if you don’t, haha.

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