Odd Mob: This Australian DJ asks Himself, What Would Tiesto Do?

Harry Hope is an Australian DJ from Brisbane known as Odd Mob, whose sound journeys into the unconventional and unexpected. His music has amassed millions of streams and graced the charts across Australia and beyond. Odd Mob joined Nexus at the Nexus Lounge Miami during Miami Music Week to discuss his DJ processes, projects on the horizon, and his take on our fan-favorite rapid-fire questions.

When Odd Mob got to Miami for this legendary week in the electronic music world, he told us that he was looking forward to meeting people he’d connected with online but had never met since he was “on the other side of the fucking world.” So he went through the process so many of us do: telling himself he’s gonna “take it easy” before finding himself out on the town.

Odd Mob

While swept up in the MMW fever, Odd Mob also prepped to play sets at Coachella and Sunset Music Festival. (Quite the way to kick off summer!) He shared a bit about his process. “Prepping a set takes me anywhere from six to 20 hours,” he exposed, “Honestly, just the first thing I’ll do is go on SoundCloud– try and scout out some new tunes– go on a deep dive. From there, [I] get everything key analyzed. And then [start] arranging everything and making little tiny edits. If there’s a track of mine [that’s] a bit stale, [or I] have played a few too many times, I’ll do my best to make a mash-up or edit it with a newer track. So yeah, it’s pretty painstaking. I’ll say that.”

Painstaking, sure, but it is worth it for happy crowds of music fans when Odd Mob takes the stage. And it’s not just set prep that has been keeping the DJ so busy lately– the artist has a few projects to be released soon as well. He spilled a bit about a couple we can all look forward to hearing this year:

I've got a remix for an OC band coming out a bit later in the year– a super huge Ozzy band– which I'm super stoked on. But other than that, me and my boy, Omnicom. We have a little joy project that we're launching later in the year. So [that's] the hot scoop that's coming out a bit later. Just a bunch of tracks. Super speedy. Super warehouse vibes. I'm super excited for that.

We also got the hiss "hot scoop" on his newly released single, Been Dreaming with GD Vandal, as well as the project he referred to as a new "cheeky little club EP".

It’s fascinating for an artist as devoted to music as Odd Mob. “Music makes my life bloody 20 times as good as it would otherwise,” he told us passionately during our Take-5, “I literally can’t function without some sort of music playing in my ears like 24 to seven, so I’d probably go crazy.”

He’s certainly on the path to creating a successful career in it. But, of course, that’s relative. For Odd Mob, it’s all about getting to where he can help other artists. “…that would be the most success I could ask for, really,” the DJ said humbly. And when things get difficult? Odd Mob’s process includes deep breaths and a simple question: ‘What would Tiesto do in this situation?’

Listen to the interview below for more of Odd Mob’s “hot scoop” on new music, his inspiring words, and the Kylie Minogue song he thinks is a “certified banga.”

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