Northern Minnesota-based producer Susan Odella who is simply known as Odella dialed in for a quick interview with Nexus Radio to talk about Bob Dylan, Morgan Freeman, Taylor Swift, and her new single ‘Shine’ which is currently impacting dance radio.

Odella is a multi-genre producer whose works you’ve might have heard in Television and Radio.  This talented song-writer and producer recently teamed up with Mike Rizzo to bring joy to the world through her song-writing and music.

I got in touch with Mike Rizzo and I sent him a few songs and once he heard ‘Shine’ I think that was it for him.  He could hear the remix potential in that song and so is sent him the vocal tracks and we were on our way.”

During the interview, Odella touched on a subject that has been in limelight as of late.  She explains how difficult it is for creative people such as her-self to remain creative while also having to be in the spotlight.  A self described introvert, Odella explains that being alone on an island surrounded by water is the ideal situation that would spark her inner creativity.

being a songwriter, and I’m not sure if that’s true for a lot of us or just a few, but I’m quite an introvert and to be alone on an island surrounded by water and just be there with my thoughts. I think that would be perfect.

Susan’s remote island would require internet access however, as she appears to be current on modern pop culture.  When asked which three celebrities she would invite to a dinner party, she picked Bob Dylan (who grew up just a half-hour away from her), Morgan Freeman and Taylor Swift.

To learn more about Susan Odella, including why she wants to meet Taylor swift, who she would take on a trip around the world, and what advice she would give her 15 year-old-self, click on the eve full audio interview below↓

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