Our House: The Anticipated Opening Of the Amsterdam Dance Museum


Our House: The Anticipated Opening Of the Amsterdam Dance Museum

The Amsterdam Dance Museum

The Amsterdam Dance Museum – the world’s first electronic music museum – is slated to open in Amsterdam in the Summer of 2021. Electronic music has become one of the world’s favorite genres in recent decades, and now fans will have a place to engage with the music’s origins, history, and legacy in a tangible way.

Aptly named “Our House,” the Amsterdam Dance Museum is said to be a high-tech experience that pays tribute to international electronic music culture. Though few details have been released about the project to date, visitors will take a multisensory tour through the evolution of house music, from Detroit to Amsterdam, and from the 1980s to today. Additionally, guests will experience a multisensory tour through the evolution of house music, complete with its many subgenres, and discover the past, present, and future of electronic music.

Some of the Biggest Dutch DJs

Amsterdam Dance Museum

Armin Van Buuren

Oliver Helden 1

Oliver Helden

Martin Garrix 1

Martin Garrix

Afrojack 1


In addition to the viewing experience of the exhibits, the Amsterdam Dance Museum will also feature the “Our House Academy,” or an educational program designed to teach students a variety of topics related to electronic music. From production to industry specifics, students of the Our House Academy will have access to master classes and workshops that promise to engage and delight. The Academy’s programming will be available to newcomers in the music industry, as well as offering continuing support and development for industry professionals. The program has likewise committed to supporting emerging talent in the electronic music industry.


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Our House is billed as an immersive electronic music experience that provides a fusion of music, tech, and culture for its visitors. In a recent social media post, the museum is described as “an immersive tour through electronic music’s origin and its transformation from a rebellious underground community to a global cultural phenomenon.” Details regarding opening plans are still scarce as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact the ways in which we move through the world, however, people who are interested are encouraged to become a part of the Our House community on the museum’s website.

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