OverSky: I really want to share my message and Soon

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Joining us in the Bowers and Wilkins pop-up studio at this year’s ADE, we sat down with Federico Fenu – the DJ and producer commonly known as OverSky – to talk about the importance of music.
Beginning his musical journey at twelve, Federico quickly developed a passion for music when he realized what a universal language it could be. By seventeen, he was creating music in earnest, and now his future house and techno tracks are bringing in thousands of listeners and will soon take the industry by storm.
If you want to get a sense of an artist’s sound, then the best thing you can do – aside from listening to their music – is to look to their inspirations. So when we asked about his favorite artists, OverSky quickly cited Will Sparks and Ardrill as two of the best DJs working today. That being said, with an artist like OverSky, the music comes from something within, so naturally, we were excited to ask how that inspiration translates into the tracks we hear.

"When you create some music," he says, "you put in your energy and your vibes. For me, for example, the music has helped me [in] my personal life."

Of course, music can help us all through difficult times, and for OverSky it’s a crucial part of maintaining good mental health. When he was younger, he says he used to struggle with concentration issues, but that music helped him to “stay focused,” and it’s from that focus that he draws so much creative energy.
So where is he channeling all that energy now?
Well, over the last year, he’s released several tracks through Teamwork Records, and by the sounds of things, he’s got more in the pipes. He says he’s looking to make new techno in a unique style and “see what’s happening.” That’s quite the tantalizing promise, and OverSky seems just the kind of artist who’s prepared to deliver on it.
As with many musicians, it’s clear that he’s almost addicted to creativity. Even at ADE, in between all the parties, he was off to mix new tracks and make new sounds. It’s quite the work ethic, but that makes for such compelling music.

"I start to create the idea with the message, with something together, with the emotion, and with the melodies… I really want to speak my message and soon."

To learn more about OverSky, the ideas behind his music, and how those ideas translate into tracks, check out the full, exclusive ADE interview below.

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