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Joining us at the Phillips space during the Nexus Lounge, Miami edition, we spoke with Öwnboss about his influences as an artist, the difference between Brazil and the USUS’ EDM culture, and how it feels to play Tomorrowland.

As one of Brazil’s most known DJs, Öwnboss came to global prominence after his track “Move Your Body” became a massive international hit in 2022. Here at Nexus, we were curious to know how that experience felt and what its impact on his career has been since.

"It's crazy when you release a worldwide track, and everything changes. I have been learning a lot in the business side and the studio - it's a good lesson."

Of course, being propelled to such prominence also opens the door to opportunities, and, in Öwnboss’ case, this was the chance to finally achieve a long-standing dream of playing the mainstage at Tomorrowland.

"It's incredible. It's like a lifetime working to have a moment like this… It's like you need to produce a lot of tracks and try your best in that one hour you have on the main stage."

Stressful? Perhaps Öwnboss had nothing but compliments for the festival, describing it as “a good vibe” and “a good community.”

One thing that’s defined Öwnboss’ career in contrast to many other famous artists is his international experience of both the US and Brazilian EDM spaces, which, as he puts it, “have different music cultures.”


In Brazil, he describes a focus on originality, where artists are less willing to take influence from others and strive more to create something new. In contrast, he says there’s more of a focus on fast BPMs in the US. For his part, he sees tracks like “Move Your Body” as a blending of the two styles, finding a middle ground that can appeal to both audiences and unite people through their shared love of music.

At Nexus, we always like to try to dig deeper and learn more about an artist, and if there’s one overwhelming fact we learned about Öwnboss, it’s that he’s genuinely passionate about music. Of course, all musicians are in one way or another, but for him, it’s an overwhelming passion to which nothing can quite compare.

"For me, music is everything. When I lost my father and when I lost my mother, it was always music, music. When I'm sad, it's music. When I'm happy, it's music."

If you’d like to learn more about Öwnboss, his musical influences, his experiences on stage, and his favorite film soundtrack, why not check out the full, exclusive Nexus Radio interview? You can also follow his social media on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter/X for all the latest about his upcoming releases/concerts.

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