Paris Fashion Week Move Over, French Music Week Might Be Coming


Paris Fashion Week Move Over, French Music Week Might Be Coming

Paris could soon host its own version of the Miami Music Week and Amsterdam Dance Event, as suggested by recent remarks from French President Emmanuel Macron. During his appearance at the Fête de la Musique festival on June 21st, Macron hinted at the potential launch of a French “Music Week” as early as 2025.

A New Hub for Music Enthusiasts

Summits like Miami Music Week and the Amsterdam Dance Event are renowned for bringing together fans, artists, and industry professionals from across the globe. These events feature a mix of panels, discussions, shows, and festivals, creating essential hubs for networking and celebrating electronic dance music. Paris could soon join this prestigious list of cities hosting such influential music gatherings.

Macron’s vision for the event goes beyond just concerts and festivals. “I think we need to go even further,” Macron told Radio FG, according to translated remarks. “I would like us to create a major festival like we do in Miami or Amsterdam, which firstly allows all music professionals to come together, for example for Fashion Week, and to have very large concerts and very large festivals the days preceding… the music festival.”

Celebrating French Electronic Music

The French President also took the opportunity to praise the French electronic music scene, highlighting the contributions of iconic artists like Jean-Michel Jarre and David Guetta. Their global influence has undoubtedly helped shape the landscape of electronic music, making France a key player in the genre.

Pairs Internal

Unofficial, Yet Promising

While Macron’s comments have sparked excitement, it’s important to note that no formal announcement has been made by his administration regarding the establishment of a French “Music Week.” The idea, however, has already garnered significant interest and speculation within the music community.

Anticipation Builds

As the world of electronic music continues to evolve, the prospect of a French Music Week in Paris adds to the anticipation. If realized, this event would not only elevate the French music scene but also provide a new platform for global artists and professionals to connect, collaborate, and celebrate their shared passion for music.

Stay tuned for further updates as we await official confirmation and details on what could become one of the most exciting additions to the global music calendar.

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