Paul Oakenfold Shares Advice to his 15-year-old self

The Legendary Paul Oakenfold joined us at the Big Joe® BPM Supreme® media space during Miami Music Week/Winter Music Conference/Nexus Radio lounge 2018.

The English DJ who is simply known as Oakenfold is a three time Grammy award nominee and was voted number one DJ in the world in 1988 and 1999 by DJ magazine. Paul Oakenfold has worked on numerous remixes for over 100 artists and was recently featured in the EDM-themed film What We Started.

Nexus Lounge 2018 D1 110

The topic of the movie, which highlights the underground movement behind mainstream dance music, led us to ask him about the state of dance music today:

“It’s become a global sound they really represents a lot of the youth today and has become incredibly popular in the likes of India and China which is good to see, people are coming together and enjoying themselves listening to great music.”

 We also loved the advice that Paul would share with his fifteen year-old self

“When you’re fifteen as opposed to twenty you think you know everything and you don’t, of course you don’t but try telling a fifteen year-old that. I would tell myself to listen more, to learn more and it will come in useful at a later age.”

Truly inspiring words by the legend himself. Oakenfold’s new single Love Escape featuring Amba Sheperd is currently impacting dance radio.

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