Pegboard Nerds: Science and Art meet

Alexander Odden and Michael Parsberg of the Danish-Norwegian electronic music act Pegboard Nerds stopped by the Nexus Lounge Amsterdam for a quick chat about their current projects and their recent tour stops.

“We have a lot of different releases coming up and a few originals. We don’t have a release date yet, but we’re working on that. We just released an EP on Monstercat a few months ago, and we just got back from a tour in Asia and the United States.”

Touring the world must be nice, but which celebrity would they take with them on a one-way ticket to Mars? “Neil DeGrasse Tyson,” they replied. And once again, the Pegboard Nerds prove their name is more than just an act; they are real audiologists with the highest level of nerd credentials!

” I’m an audiologist so I like Science, but there is an art to that too ”

If your symptoms include: mood swings, depression and general unhappiness with dance music, then it’s time to schedule your appointment with the Pegboard Nerds on Spotify!

Listen to our full audio interview with the Pegboard Nerds below!

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