Perfecting Performances with Jean Marie Carraba – A Nexus Radio Interview

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This year’s Miami Music Week hosted tones of great faces from the music world, one of which was Jean Marie Carraba, who dropped by at the BPM Supreme popup studio at the Nexus Radio Lounge in Miami.

As one of Italy’s finest DJs and an Ultra Music Festival Alumni, Jean Marie is a performer extraordinaire. Recently, as events have opened back up and live performers are back in demand, he’s been back out on stage, playing to crowds who can’t get enough of his Jazz style EDM.

From Miami to London, he’s shared his unique beats worldwide with the energy and enthusiasm we love to see and audiences love to hear.
Jean Marie
There’s a lot of talk about what it takes to make a great track, and every artist has their views. But, in Jean Marie’s case, he believes quite simply that to achieve a hit record, “you need to make something that people like. Not something you like, but something the people like.”
It might not be a complicated mantra, but it’s a good one to live by, especially for a musician who relies on his performances like Jean Marie.
After all, people need to love the songs before getting on board with a show. It doesn’t matter how much the artist enjoys playing a track if it doesn’t have a great beat to dance to.
Another great rule of songwriting that he lives by is that lyrics are essential to achieving a hit song. But, ultimately, it’s clear that Jean Marie is the kind of performer who understands how to get his audience on his side.
When planning and preparing for his sets, Jean Marie has to be in the right headspace. It’s tricky to manage, but he says that, before a set, he goes through and re-listens to all his stuff and lets the new stuff come naturally so that when he gets out on stage, he can be ready to blow the audience away.

Jean Marie isn’t the kind of artist to obsess over regrets. In his own words:

“I don’t think I would be here if I did something different five years ago. So I’m quite happy about it.”

Right now, Jean Marie is hopping back and forth across the globe, playing multiple sets at London’s iconic Ministry of Sound. Not that spending time in Britain should be much of a problem for him, though, because he says English is his favorite accent to hear.

To learn more about Jean Marie Carraba, how he approaches music, and what he’s up to at the moment, then check out the full, exclusive Nexus Radio Interview.

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