Post-Pandemic, C-Fast is Ready for Passionate Performances and Groundbreaking Sounds

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One half of DJ duo C-Fast joined us at the Sonarworks pop-up studio at the Nexus Lounge in Miami. While Fast was unable to join us due to a positive COVID-19 test, C took part in our Take-5 series, talked about the excitement of performing post-pandemic, and hinted at what’s next for the pair.
C-Fast is the widely successful Italian-American duo who are both DJs and producers. Their lively performances and catchy dance tracks have led them to perform worldwide at popular events and festivals. Their music has been released by several major dance labels, including Future House Music, Sosumi, and Black Lizard. In addition, they host “C-Fast World”, a radio show that is broadcast exclusively in Miami on Revolution 93.5. A typical C-Fast performance will include a captivating array of neon green LEDs and punchy, dynamic tunes.
After two years of navigating an unprecedented pandemic, C is exhilarated to be performing during Miami Music Week. “It’s beautiful. It’s amazing. It’s like a punch in the face, especially for me that I come from Italy, and our situation was horrible, and it still almost is right now.” He explains that he is looking forward to meeting up with and supporting other artists now that COVID-19 restrictions are beginning to lift.

C-Fast recently remade the track “Try Again” by Aaliyah, an R&B artist who tragically passed away in 2001. C explained that he had always loved the song and was thrilled by the positive response. Now that the looming threat of the pandemic is finally beginning to slow, the duo is ecstatic to be working on new music again. C even hinted at a new track that will be released this spring!

During our Take-5 question series, we asked what artist C-Fast would compare themselves to. The twosome has an eclectic taste. C mentioned that the pair takes a lot of inspiration from the nineties and other music eras while still looking to create something entirely new. “It’s not easy because I come from the past and look for the future.”

Listen to the full interview here to hear more about C-Fast and their passion for live music.

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