Purple Disco Machine Finds Balance In Life and Music

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Purple Disco Machine brought his infectious energy to the Philips Sound & Vision pop-up studio at the Nexus Lounge Miami. During his visit, he delved into his musical influences, shared his excitement over his first Grammy win, and participated in our Take 5 Series!

Purple Disco Machine, born Tino Piontek in Dresden, Germany, embarked on his musical journey in 1996 with a deep passion for disco, funk, and soul. He started his producing journey with Cubase and a bunch of synthesizers while diving headfirst into the vibrant house music scene of Dresden’s nightlife. Soon enough, he was spinning tunes as a DJ by 2012. The world took notice of Purple Disco Machine with the release of his breakout single “My House” in 2013, which garnered widespread acclaim for its infectious groove and catchy hooks. That’s when the global DJ gigs took flight, releasing his first album under Sony Music Entertainment in 2017.

Purple Disco Machine

Influenced by legends like Daft Punk, Phil Collins, and Genesis, Purple Disco Machine’s early exposure to these iconic sounds laid the foundation for his unique musical style.

Purple Disco Machine has collaborated with diverse artists throughout his career, showcasing his versatility and ability to work across different musical styles. In August 2020, he found great success with his smash hit “Hypnotized,” a collaboration with Sophie and the Giants that rocketed to number two on Italy’s singles chart, earning him double platinum status. That same year, he worked his remix magic on top tracks like Dua Lipa’s “Don’t Start Now,” Kylie Minogue’s “Magic,” and Lady Gaga’s “Rain on Me.” Adding to his impressive resume, he hosts his own SiriusXM show, “Purple Disco Tales,” every Friday on Studio 54.

In a thrilling turn of events, Purple Disco Machine clinched his first Grammy in 2023 for his remix of Lizzo’s hit track “About Damn Time.” Under the Best Remixed Recording category, the award saw him triumph over esteemed veterans like Terry Hunter, Four Tet, Paul Woolford, and Soulwax. This Grammy nomination catapulted him into the ranks of past winners, including industry luminaries such as Skrillex, Louie Vega, and Frankie Knuckles.

When asked how winning a Grammy feels, Purple Disco Machine said, "It was a year ago, and it still feels surreal. So I can't believe it. I have it now in my studio, and every time I walk by, it's crazy. I feel so honored, and it's so good to have one now."

For artists such as Purple Disco Machine, juggling life and music can feel like dancing through a wild disco ball maze, especially with globetrotting tours in the mix. However, he’s a master at grooving with loved ones and jamming to his passion, always finding that funky balance between beats and bliss.

"My biggest mission is to find the right balance in my private life. I have family, I have kids, I'm married. So, I don't play more than 60 shows a year. Back in the day, I played 150 a year, but now, if you tour the world, every show is like two days on the road. So, I took January and February off."

To learn more about Purple Disco Machine, including an event that has impacted his life the most, listen to our full interview below.

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