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Joining us at the Philips space during the Nexus Lounge, Miami edition, Cheat Codes spoke with us about their latest collaborations, upcoming works, and the difference between performing at festivals and performing in clubs.

Perhaps best known for their 2016 hit “Sex”, Cheat Codes are a trio of American DJs with a growing international fan base. Following their 2017 single “No Promises” (featuring Demi Lovato), which charted in the UK and Australia as well as the US, they’ve continued to build that fan base by collaborating with other artists such as Maggie Lindemann and Birdy.

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When we spoke with them, they noted their recent collaboration with Birdy on their remix of her “Head Up” track. They had an excellent experience working with her and said they were pleased to shine some more light on that track while also getting the chance to “flip it on its head.”

Another recent collaboration that’s taken off in the EDM space is their fresh take on “The Way It Is.” Originally a Bruce Hornsby track, though famously covered by several artists including Tupac, E-40, and Don Diablo, Cheat Codes’ take on “The Way It Is” brings them together with Two Friends for a distinctly fresh and modern track.

Although the track has all the professional polish you might expect from Cheat Codes, it was put together in a relatively short time as the trio needed something to perform with Two Friends for an upcoming show at the LA Forum. The chance to play at such a legendary venue was too much to pass up, and thankfully, it resulted in a great new track.

Regarding performance, Cheat Codes work in both the club and festival scene, but when asked what their preference was, festivals absolutely won out.

“We do more clubs than festivals… Sometimes the clubs can be a little tight, and then it’s nice to have a big open stage… It feels more like a show if there’s a bigger stage, so it’s more fun.”

They also noted the excellent experiences they’ve had in the past playing at Delaware’s Firefly Festival, which, regrettably, will not be going ahead this year.

“It was one of our best memories. It was one of the first festivals we ever played and we did it twice.”

Suppose you’d like to learn more about Cheat Codes, their most embarrassing middle-school moments, their favorite film soundtracks, and the musicians they’d most love to collaborate with some day. Why not check out the full, exclusive Nexus Radio interview? You can also follow their social media on Instagram for all the latest about their upcoming releases/concerts.

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