2017 was a breakthrough year for R3hab. Dropping more than twenty tracks in twelve months and being named by Billboard Magazine as one the 13 dance artists who dominated the year. Even more amazing was the long-awaited release of his debut album “Trouble.”

In an era when most dance artists are releasing singles rather than albums, R3hab “wanted to do it for myself and for my fans to make something special.” The brilliant collection of songs showcase the transition away from his trademark chainsaw sound (which he teased may “make a return”). The interludes between the songa were made after the album finished. “Burn” has the sounds of a shisha pipe where he is burning a piece of paper that says “I’ve burned for my love”

It’s not all about the music; R3hab has quite a playful personality. If he was a furry, he would be a lion- and he is definitely a boxers guy. Could you imagine what a R3hab collaboration with Skrillex or DJ Snake would sound like? Those are his dream collaborators and at the rate he is going, studio time should be booked really soon.