Ravell Talks The “Worst Professional Decision He’s Ever Made”

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Ravell joined us for a sit-down interview in the BPM Supreme pop-up studio at Nexus Lounge Miami. We spoke about how his earliest experiences performing music with his father led him to his career in music and how a long-lived desire to showcase his friend’s music led him to create his record label called Kazaa. He even shared an anecdote about what ended up being a perfectly timed mishap at an early-career gig of 5,000 people.
More commonly known by his stage name Ravell, Richard Garcia is a DJ and producer hailing from Los Angeles, California. He began DJing with his father at the age of 12 and quickly gained a sense of ownership over the craft, kickstarting a career in music all his own. From the beginning, he caught the attention and support of Top-100 American DJ Kaskade, whom he is now an industry peer within. And now, Ravell has played at prestigious events such as EDC, Coachella’s Sahara Tent, Encore Beach Club in Las Vegas, and more.

As an obvious extension of his already thriving solo music career, Ravell has recently been able to launch his record label Kazaa. He says this has been a dream of his for a long time, as a person who loves to show his friends love and be a support system for their music-making endeavors. During Covid, he finally brought this dream to life by launching his label with a Ravell-original single called ‘Siento.’

It’s clear that music for Richard Garcia is about so much more than just loving music; it is a celebration of his childhood and his relationship with his home; it is a way to connect with and cheer on his beloved friends. He made a note of this sentimental attachment, saying:

"Music, to me, is important because it reminds me of home. So that's kind of how I got the name Kazaa; it was a spin-off of the word home, Casa… Growing up, I made music with my dad; we used to DJ gig to gig to start, as [a] father and son thing."

He’s looking forward to catching many performances at Miami Music Week in what feels like a massive hangout as the world begins to recover from Covid. And he recalls a performance of his own, from a gig for 5,000 attendees in his early career, when he accidentally pressed the pause button mid-song. He refers to it as the “worst professional decision he’s ever made” despite it being perfectly timed in the song and going nearly unnoticed.

In our full interview with Ravell, hear more about his experience at Miami Music Week 2022 and his answers to our Take-5 questions, including his bucket list items and what he thinks the world would be like if it was made up of only his clones.

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